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The Fahad & Glenda Ghaffar Foundation was created in 2018 to formalize the charity works of husband and wife Fahad and Glenda Ghaffar. The couple met in 2016 in Puerto Rico and their relationship was kindled by a mutual love of charitable giving.

Born in Pakistan, Fahad grew up witnessing first-hand the effects of extreme poverty. He was also inspired by his country’s deep-rooted culture of philanthropy that has flourished against all odds.

He came to the United States at age 16 and worked his way up to build a successful career in banking and real estate. His charitable spirit was a main driver of his financial success. For Fahad, earning money has always been a means to giving. “You make a life by what you give” has always been a personal motto for him.


We help raised $177,318.56 for Ser de Puerto Rico

https://fgcharity.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/01/SER-Fahad-Glenda-Ghaffar.mp4 Amazing news, everyone! We help raised $177,318.56 for Ser de Puerto Rico . SER provides exceptional medical, therapeutic, and educational services to people with disabilities

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