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The Fahad & Glenda Ghaffar Foundation was created in 2018 to formalize the charity works of husband and wife Fahad and Glenda Ghaffar. The couple met in 2016 in Puerto Rico and their relationship was kindled by a mutual love of charitable giving.

Born in Pakistan, Fahad grew up witnessing first-hand the effects of extreme poverty. He was also inspired by his country’s deep-rooted culture of philanthropy that has flourished against all odds.

He came to the United States at age 16 and worked his way up to build a successful career in banking and real estate. His charitable spirit was a main driver of his financial success. For Fahad, earning money has always been a means to giving. “You make a life by what you give” has always been a personal motto for him.

Miles away in her native Puerto Rico, Glenda Ghaffar shared the same outlook. Ever since she was a teenager, she’s been involved in charitable work. Even though she initially didn’t have the financial means to contribute money, she gave her time to numerous causes, ranging from homes for victims of domestic violence, to environmental causes, to animal shelters.

As a licensed nutritionist, she frequently provides her services to entities such as SER de Puerto Rico, an organization that provides physical therapy and other health services to low-income people with disabilities.

Soon after meeting Fahad, their common dream of dedicating their resources to help others started to take more structure. After formally establishing the Foundation, Fahad and Glenda focused their efforts on two main global causes.

First, they made a commitment to helping eradicate thirst. That’s why they closely collaborate with multiple water charities around the globe. Today they are responsible for giving 225,000 people per day clean water. They hope to grow this to over 10million people in their lifetime.

Second, the Foundation also targets the pervasive gender and socioeconomic gap in access to education in many countries such as Fahad’s native Pakistan. For Fahad and Glenda, educating and empowering women is a key to fighting poverty. As a result, the Foundation partnered with the Iqra Fund to help provide better educational opportunities to girls and boys in remote regions of Pakistan. The Foundation is set to begin building a new school in the coming months. Today Iqra has 5,000 girls and boys in school.

Besides these two causes, the Fahad & Glenda Ghaffar Foundation remains committed to numerous other missions in Puerto Rico. For instance, it helped establish Soul of Bahia at the Bahia Beach Resort and Golf Club, an entity that provides shelter to rescue dogs, cats, and helps interested hotel guests with the adoption process, to date since 2013, 550 dogs have found loving families. It also works closely with local foundations, such as Fundación Kinesis, an effort that helps fund scholarships for talented students with financial needs.

Regardless of the cause, helping others achieve their goals will always be the goal of the Fahad & Glenda Ghaffar Foundation. As Glenda puts it, “we’ve been very blessed in life, so it’s our mission to share that blessing with others.”

The Fahad & Glenda Ghaffar Foundation proudly supports organizations such as:
Soul of Bahia
Stefano Foundation
Comprehensive Disaster Response Services
Hogar Nueva Mujer
charity: water
Centro de Conservación de Manatíes del Caribe
Iqra Fund
SER de Puerto Rico
Susan G. Komen for the Cure
Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico
Fundación Kinesis
United Hatzalah
Colegio San Ignacio
Church San Salvatore Florence
PHYT Cares
Ashford Presbyterian Community Hospital
Boys and Girls Club